Do good things, listen to the "Experistic List" in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and do a hook

Do good things, listen to the "Experistic List" in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and do a hook

Since the study of party history, the Party Committee of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications has insisted on facilitating and persisting, adhering to problem-oriented, and invested in the majority of teachers and students, fully investigating the real needs and urgent needs of teachers and students. To do practical things for teachers and students.301 item list, turn the "demand list" into "real-life list", timely tracking, classified layers, solve a group of teachers and students "urgent expensive" problem, enhance the experience of teachers and students, happinessSense, security.

Upgrade hardware and software, try to work as a red burning big row, sweet and sour ridge, fresh fried root, tomato egg soup … two 荤 一 一 一 汤 lunch, 11 yuan. In the Southern Different Furky completed in the Xianlin Campus, the Belfit College, who had just finished classes, Huang Smei, a student, Huang Smei, lunch, said, "The canteen is clean, the fast food area is rich, the price is not expensive, the sofa green plant and other decorations Let the dining environment is very warm. "Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications actively responded to teachers and students, focusing on improving canteen services, and striving to make teachers and students to eat, eat healthy, eat nutrition. The school has continuously expanded the area area of ??the dining area, optimizes the meal flow, and the overall layout of the canteen is new, the variety of dishes is more rich, the quality of service is greatly improved. Autumn start school return school, computer school, software college, and online space safety school students moved into the new Sakura Student Dormitory Group in Xianlin Campus.

A new dormitory environment, perfect supporting facilities, let everyone live in their own college life.

"The dormitory is like a home, and she is coming to the pro.

"One of the" postals "Zhu Anqi, who left home, sent such a feeling. The new Dormitory of Xiyuan, the three-plate building campus of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the student dormitory of the School of Applied Technology College, the student dormitory, has been completed and officially opened, and the bamboo garden dormitory New reform has also begun construction.

Improve students ‘dormitory conditions, build a warm and comfortable living environment, improve students’ happiness, schools have been in mind.

The school also uses the holiday to complete the new renovation of the new life dormitory, guarantee a few nets in the dormitory window of the newborn. In the dormitory culture comment, many dormitory are decorated with their classmates and comfortable, full of poetic. The hardware of the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications is constantly improving, and software services are even more universities of "communication".

"Digital Nan Post" is a circle of information on school informationization. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Since the emergence of new crown pneumonia, the first university that enabling face recognition and temperature measurement system management personnel.

Not only that, the electronic seal makes the efficiency improvement efficiency.

According to the party school staff, the school applies for administrative imprints every year to more than 80,000 times. By continuous improvement of online service function, school management services from "multi-range" to "close", from "" to "line" Take a transition.

The school also launched the rules and system network, service process network, and office staff can "one button to understand the construction of schools, and find direct person in charge", further enhance the integrated service capacity of the school.

Warm-hearted measures, build a "happy road" a few days ago, some "posts" won a surprise, and the rice card quietly received the 500 yuan meal subsidies issued by the school’s "grapefruit rice card" project, let them feel the South. Warm care of post-name families.

Since I launched the generous donation of alumni and faculty, I have obtained the generous donation of alumni and faculty, in April this year.

In addition, the school actively has a depth of industry research and research cooperation. Many companies have set up multiple kinds of bonus scholars for Nan Posts. Such as "Ruihua Spring Festival helps" "Huawei Scholarship", "Hengtong Optoelectronics", etc., does not let any student because of economic Difficult to fall.

Promote young teachers to grow up and have been on the road.

The school has grown "Expressway" for young teachers, set up a "green light" for their growth, and lit a "green light" for their growth, so that young teachers continues to improve in teaching and educating people, scientific research, service society. . Computer Academy, Software Academy, Network Space Safety Academy held a monthly teacher academic salon activities, promoting academic exchanges and discussions. School of Automation, Artificial Intelligence College established young teachers to grow "help camp", helping them grow rapidly in terms of teaching, scientific research, career planning. In recent years, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications has emerged in a number of young teachers, Zhao Betong won the national five-one labor medal, Gao Yanli won the nomination of national college counselors … Liu Chen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said: "We want In the real thing, let young teachers got the value of their lives in Nanyou, let the school constantly emerging the "four" good teachers of the "four" good teachers. "Concentrate, do things to promote the development of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications" 14th Five " The development blueprint of the career has begun, and the careers are steadily advanced.

"We will continue to improve the ability of school innovative talents to cultivate the ability to promote the top and down efforts in promoting the scientific research results of the school, and strengthen the modern university governance system, improve the modernization level of governance, and build Efforts have distinctive universities in the field of electronic information.

"Liu Chen said at the Party’s History," I have a practical thing for teachers and students ", say that we must insist on seeking truth and pragmatic, serving as a good job, doing good practical things, cracking development problems, concentricity, giving polyure, and then Power. The school will carry out "two in two" construction new work and deepen "I have a practical thing for teachers and students" practice organic combination, "a fusion, four levels, four face, four focus, ten Key "work main line. To adhere to the" five grapple five promotion "as the work goal, actively build and in-depth" research, project, implementation, examination, feedback ", a closed-loop tracking effectiveness mechanism, resolutely do Really, put practical things.

Every real thing is a real thing, the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications will hook it on "practical list". "Only with the people want together, we can work together to constantly establish new achievements for the people." In the practice of doing real things, a party member wrote this sentence in the work notes. (Contributed: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications).