Change the past new crown Trike actively guided the 3-11-year-old population "should be connected"

Change the past new crown Trike actively guided the 3-11-year-old population "should be connected"

  Recently, children parents in kindergartens and primary schools have received a notice to carry out new crown vaccination. The 3-11-year-old group launched new crown vaccination. What do you need to pay attention to? Why is it necessary to inoculate 3-11? On October 30, the State Council was jointly held.

Wang Huain, Chief Expert Wang Huaqing, China CDC, said in the meeting: "With the spread of new crown viruses, in some countries, you can see that children’s onset levels and adult onset of adults have been close to the end of last year, meaning our past understanding. Need to change. "" Actively guided 3-11 years old, no contraindicated people ‘should pick up’, strive to complete the whole process before the end of December.

Wu Liang, deputy director of the National Health and Health Committee, said that there is no significant difference in the safety and immunogenicity of new crown viruses in 3-11 people, and there is no significant difference in people over 18 years old. Comprehensively consider my country’s vaccine production The ability, inoculation, clinical trial, and prevention and control work, my country adjusts the vaccination target population from 12 years old to 3 years old. Do you still don’t fight? Recently, parents meet each other to ask each other to vaccinate new crown vaccine Willing: "Do you not fight? "Everyone is concerned about how new vaccine is safe. On the other hand, it is to consider the current prevention and control situation.

  Is it necessary to vaccinate the new crown vaccine 3-11? Wang Huqing said that some countries in the world have carried out new crown vaccines in children. "We build group immunization, expect to achieve prevalence or block disease through population immunization, children are important part of the population, and also to form an important part of the group immunity.

Wang Huaqing said that relevant statistics show that there is also a case of severe and death in children’s groups, and some countries have reported that new crown contexts in children exceeded the epidemic level.

  It can be seen that the international data shows that the experience of new crown is relatively low in children has changed, and therefore, children also need to prevent incidence through vaccination.

  How to lead the children in children aged 3-11 is the main object of immune planning to prevent vaccination, and parents have certain experience in children’s vaccination. In addition to making a good reservation, do you need to pay attention to what you need to get a new crown vaccine? Wang Huaqing emphasized that in addition to understanding the process of new crown vaccination, pay attention to your child’s health. In the scene, we must provide the current health status of the child and the contraband of the past, so that the vaccination doctors are judged.

  In the notice of new crown vaccination, it is also specifically suggested that parents should take the child’s inoculation, ID card, and account book. Before the child vaccinated the vaccination, the parents should complete the new crown vaccination on the basis of informed and agree. Wang Huain suggested that if the child is particularly nervous, parents should do a good job, because children in the age of 5 may have some heart due to their minds, and a big child should avoid vigorous exercise. During the inoculation process, there is related provisions about new crown epidemic prevention and control. At this time, no matter whether it is a parents or children, they must do personal protection, with local prevention and control work, especially in kind. After inoculation, it is necessary to further emphasize for 30 minutes. If the inoculation of children has doubtful to the situation related to adverse reactions, it is reported in time.

  How to take care of the vaccination of immune planning vaccine 3-11 years of children will meet the case of inoculating other immunization planning vaccines or non-immunized planning vaccines, what should I do? Wang Huaqing emphasized that it is necessary to ensure that new championships are more than 14 days from other vaccines. In order to ensure new crown vaccine and other vaccines, the national health and health committee grassroots supervisory commissioner Fu Wei said that grassroots medical and health agencies undertake the task of immunization planning vaccination in children aged 0-6 years old in their daily work. It also includes the daily vaccination of two types of vaccines such as flu vaccines.

With the launch of new crown virus vaccination, grassroots medical and health institutions need to coincide with new crown virus vaccination work.

  According to reports, the education department must guide the school and kindergartens in the health and health department, and the kindergarten will communicate well, and the organization mobilized the parents to take the initiative to lead the children to the designated place to vaccinate, and there is a conditional institution to make an appointment in time. When inocation, strictly follow the requirements of the Prevention of Inoculation Work, standardize the vaccination process, strictly inoculate operation, implement the informed consent, health inquiry, inoculate the inspection and 30 minutes of inoculation, etc.