Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division Construction and Ecological Repair Synchronization

Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division Construction and Ecological Repair Synchronization

Original title: 6-year lack of 2.14 million square meters Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Yanqing Division Core area is located in Xiahai Tuoshan, China The Snow Credit Center "Snow Tour Dragon" and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village are the largest part of the building. Beijing Youth Daily learned from the majority of Beijing, the Yanqing Division is the "Green Division" in the true sense, and the venue has passed the green building Samsung certification, and the construction of the venue construction and ecological repair is carried out, and the repair area is 2.14 million square meters. . Standing in the top of the Xiahai Takhan Mountain, the snowy road of "Snow Faiyan" is like 7 white waterfalls from the mountain to the valley "flowing", the "snow tour dragon" under the foot of the mountain is like a dragon is still quiet, waiting A flying time.

11 cableway, the cable car seems to be transformed into the music to connect the alpine ski every zone.

The Chinese courtyard of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village was hidden between the mountains and achieved the harmony between sports facilities and natural landscapes. The athletes can enjoy the infinite charm of ice and snow, and they can see the beauty of nature.

  Zhao Bei Ting, deputy director of Beijing Major Project Office, said that the Yanqing Division is a 100% green clean energy competition using wind power, solar power, is a "sponge-type area" that has achieved self-collecting processing and reuse.

At the same time, it is still a "ecological division". All the original collected soils of the construction surface of the residential construction are collected. After the construction is completed, all the original grounds are covered, all precious trees are all in place, migration protection.

  "The venue in the district passed the green building Samsung certification.

Therefore, it is a true ‘green venaette’.

Zhao Bei Ting introduced that in order to highlight "Green Office", Zhao Bei is combined with the construction of the Olympic venues to promote the construction of ecological civilization. It is struggling to make sports venues and municipal supporting facilities with the natural landscape of Xiaohevan. It is an important principle of the construction of the Yanqing Division. .

  Northern Youth Daily learned that the highest level of 2,198 meters in the Yanqing District, the difficulty of building conditions, and the difficulty of ecological repair work is not asained in the new venue project. All construction work lasted for 6 years, completed in June this year, became an engineering project for the Beijing Winter Olympics. From the initial ecological survey of the construction of Iraq to the protection standards, protected from side construction, and then complete to the ecological restoration project, the repair area is 2.14 million square meters. Up to now, there are 313 protected trees in the competition, 24,2272 migration and transplantation, completed nearly 300 mu, which is approximately 91% of the survival rate; 11,02,270% of the small transplantation, currently these plants are made of professional garden units Want care.

  In addition, in order to make the scenery of the Shethai Skyline, the Yanqing Division has built the country’s first large slope mountain underground integrated pipe gallery, the 98-kilometer municipal pipeline of 18 channels such as water, electricity, communication facilities through the underground integrated gallery. Avoid laying along the mountains along the traditional way, the impact on the ecology of the small sea is minimized. Text / This reporter Liu Yang (Editor: Baoongying, Gao Xing) Share more people to see.