Crossing 50 years: accumulated more than 8,000 yuan as of the end of 2014

Crossing 50 years: accumulated more than 8,000 yuan as of the end of 2014

As of the end of 2014, the total of more than eight thousands of aid projects were implemented, and the funds were implemented nearly 3 billion yuan – Tibet continued to develop highlights the country’s strength, and the busy Daxan Industrial Park is called "hot soil" by the local people.

On this land, it has reached more than 340 in the enterprise, and more than 4,000 people have been solved.

20 years ago, Tibet Datan County, there is almost no company, and today’s booming is inseparable from the strong assistance in Jiangsu Province. In 1994, the Third Tibet Work Symposium in the Central Tibet established the "fragmentation responsibility, counterpart support, regular rotation", forming 59 central government agencies, 17 provinces and cities and 17 central backbone enterprises Tibet’s pattern.

The fifth Tibetan work symposium in the Central Committee further enriches the central government’s slogan: to extend the Tibet policy of Tibet to 2020, will be tilted to the agriculture and pastoral area, tilting the people’s livelihood, further improving the core, The auxiliary tibid pattern and working mechanism combined with economic assistance, scientific and technological aid, talent and education assistance. A set of data reflects the rapid development of Tibet: From 1993 to 2014, the total production value of the region has jumped from 37 billion yuan to 100 million yuan. In 21 years, the two-digit rapid growth has been maintained, and local fiscal revenue increases by billion yuan. 100 million yuan, increased by 104 times; 2014, the per capita net income of farmers and herds reached 7471 yuan, which was a double in 1993. The data is full of warmth: it contains the cordial care of the Party Central Committee, the hard struggle of the people of Tibet, also contain more than 20 years of central government, brothers and cities, and central backbone enterprises. Support support. Take on the provincial and municipalities, the central state organs and enterprises and institutions of the tibid task, and the aid tasks are included in the local, the overall planning and work deployment of this unit, establish a stable growth mechanism of aid funds, carry out full range of talents, funds, technology, etc. Wide area, multi-level aid work, staged a heart-handed, watching the touching long play. As of the end of 2014, 8310 aid projects were implemented, and the funds were implemented by 29.6 billion yuan, which strongly supported the development of Tibet’s economy and society. The aid promotes the development of local specialty industries. Under the support of the two provinces in Guangdong, Fujian Province, Linzhi City initially built the industrial belt with special breeding, quality fruit dried fruit, forest resources, grain and oil production processing, mainly based on high quality rice, lotus root, wild Tianma. Specialty industry base. Into the village of Zhujuezen Village, Bayi District, Linzhi City, which is included in the folk, cement road, solar street lamp, and village health room, etc. The local cadres said that the village is one of the 12 well-off demonstration villages such as aid funds.

In recent years, each pair of mouthid hierarchies have tilted more than 80% of the aid funds and projects to the grassroots and farmers. After addressing the basic life problems such as housing, water, electricity, and acceptance, it is aimed at higher levels. "Aid to the aid, develop a secondary education."

High-quality education resources and advanced education methods have made the mainland Tibetan class a preferred choice for many Tibetan students. Up to now, there are 21 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the mainland is in the mainland. In September last year, Beijing Experimental Middle School and Jiangsu Demonstration School in Dongjiao Education City, Lhasa City, through the introduction of more than 100 revisions, with advanced school and teaching models to improve the overall education level, known as "Tibet at home class".

Beijing has sent an 8th 78 doctors to Lhasa, and played a "belt" role. Tibetan doctors coordinate Beijing medical experts to carry out remote diagnosis in Tibet, improve the technical level of Tibet medical personnel. In February 2012, the sixth batch of aid team leader Tian Jianwen in Shaanxi Province ended his vacation. He went to Pulan County to squat, he hit the needle to suck oxygen, and took the same patrol with the officers and soldiers.

After the earthquake in Shigati this year, Li Dong, Shandong Tibetan, Changmu Town, the disaster, actively organized earthquake relief, avoiding new casualties in dozens of seismic … The aid cadre put the resident to the hometown, regarding the local people Dear, the local people put their road called "Union Road", and the well called "The Group of Junquan", the covered house is called "Happiness House".

After many of the aid cadres left Tibet, he still pays attention to the development of the recipient land. Thousands of hundreds of help solve problems, and practical action is practiced in the "three-year aid, lifelong aid" promise.

(Reporter Chen Zhu Yu Han Junjie Ziqi).