Skinny calf method 7 days to become beautiful legs princess

Skinny calf method 7 days to become beautiful legs princess

Skinny calf method 7 days to become beautiful legs princess

Guide: Why do the legs always look thick and short?

There is a way to skinny legs, in order to make the calf slim down.

It’s still not effective to think of ways to rack your brains.

Xiao Bian feels that, as long as it is true, as long as it prevents the edema, corrects the curvature, and sits upright.

It is a shortcut to quickly create attractive legs.

Here are some ways to recommend the skinny legs of Xiaobian. You can make your legs more beautiful by doing your legs for 7 days!

  The method of first-aid skinny legs – the calf soothing calf often becomes stiff and tight due to fatigue.

Targeted massage techniques make the muscles softer and create the perfect calf line.


The sole of the foot is attached to the ground, and in the position where the calf is stiff, the pain is massaged and the left and right are moved.


Use the touch palm to stick to the calf, and massage regularly from bottom to top. If it feels stiff, press your fingers with your fingers.

  First-aid skinny legs – the firming of the toes is an important part of the curve of the legs. It is most likely to accumulate waste and edema. A moderate massage can make the foot softer, promote blood circulation and eliminate edema.


Place your right finger between your left toe, grab your toes, hold your left thumb and index finger under the left ankle, and turn your foot.


Hold the hands with a pair of loose fists, align the ankle bones in a circled shape, massage from bottom to top, and tighten the muscles.

  The method of emergency rescue of the skinny legs – implanted detoxification is an important part of determining the impression of the legs, eliminating the need to hoard the manure.

Two big skills to help you solve.


Double palms make soothing fists, insert fracture bones and circle massage, soothe fractures, stiffness and discomfort, sculpture lines.


Double stack of hands, press the weight, step from the upper limit to the base of the thigh, soothe the front thigh line.


Double stack your hands, apply pressure to your body, press the thighs with a circular motion to eliminate edema.


Bend the bend, place the legs flat, and massage the palms on the outside of the thighs until the roots of the thighs.


Gently straighten the leg, grasp the alignment with the same hand, shake it slightly to the left and right, and lick the other hand on the groin.

Xiaobian’s message: Skinny legs are not difficult, as long as they are willing to stick, there is no leg to do.