The 3rd China Plastic Bag Textile Industry Summit Opening in Pingyang, Wenzhou

The 3rd China Plastic Bag Textile Industry Summit Opening in Pingyang, Wenzhou

The event site officially released the Xiajiang · China Plastic Pack Industry Index.

"We reflect the trend and degree of plastic package industry price changes by building a tree structure classification table of the price index.

"Director of Hangzhou Digital Technology Co., Ltd. said that future enterprises will continue to rely on information technology innovation, promote digital transformation, provide data support for the high-quality development of the plastic package industry. The China Chemical Society is also a deep cooperation with Pingyang County, China Plastic Bag Green Zhizhi (Xiajiang) Industrial Base License Ceremony.

Li Liangjun, deputy chairman of the China Chemical Industry Society, said that the China Chemical Society will actively play an advantage, promote the transformation and transformation of the scientific and technological achievements of the plastic package textile industry.

In addition, Zhang Shijun, Secretary-General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association Cable Materials Committee, Zhang Shijun, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec Beijing Chemical Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy, Ministry of Experts, also in terms of industrial change, technological innovation, resource cycle, production The status quo of learning research development issued a keynote speech separately.

It is understood that the plastic package textile industry is one of the five hundred billion industries in Pingyang County. After nearly 40 years of development, the 14th textile industry cluster has been formed in Pingyang Xiajiang Town.

As of last year, there were 325 plastic wiping packages, with an annual output value of 9.8 billion yuan.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Dai Qian).