Culture and Tourism Department launched a new group of national tourism resort

Culture and Tourism Department launched a new group of national tourism resort

  In order to promote the upgrading of high quality tourism resort, strengthen the supply of high-quality holiday leisure tourism products, the General Office of the Culture and Tourism, issued the "Notice on Carrying out the National Tourism Resort Declaration Work" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), decided Carry out a new batch of national tourism resort.

  "Notice" pointed out that the construction and development of national tourism resorts is to optimize tourism product structure, guide national holiday leisure tourism development, and promote tourism transformation and upgrading.

The provincial cultural and tourism administration must strictly in accordance with the requirements of the National Tourism Resort Management Measures and the National Standard "Tourism Resort Level" (GB / T26358), earnestly recommend the first trial, and choose the national tourism holiday. Recommended declaration of the district.

  "Notice" clearly, the unit participating in the declaration should have the following conditions, in line with the national standard "Tourism Resort Level Division" and related rules; the resort facilities are relatively agglomerated, the operating conditions are good; the tourism public information service system is sound; tourists comprehensive satisfaction High; in the country, there is a high visibility and brand influence; land use is in line with relevant laws and regulations; the main business main body has no serious illegal violations, etc. Level Tourism Resort is more than 1 year.

  The "Notice" identified the procedure of the national tourist resort, which was identified in accordance with the "Material Audit – Basic Evaluation – On-site Inspection – Review – Public Notice – Announcement". Among them, on-site check is carried out in the form of unannounced visit.

The declaration deadline in the national tourist resort is June 30, 2020.

  Up to now, my country’s holiday travel has formed a pyramid development pattern, which is supported by 30 national tourist resorts, and has a pyramid development pattern of different categories of different categories. . (Question: Ma Lingling, Guo Yu).