Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Town, Dried County, Shaanxi: Qian less "laugh" does not give up

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Town, Dried County, Shaanxi: Qian less "laugh" does not give up

Original title: The deputy secretary of the party committee of Dry County is responsible for the implementation of dangerous housing renovation projects. He has received it, accepting the people’s benefits.I often wake up in the middle of the night.

The leaders and comrades of the Discipline Committee announced the punishment of me, such as the sunny day. As a party member cadres who have been cultivated by party organizations, I have a party and is a family.

"Yang Kai, deputy secretary of the party committee of Ji County, Shaanxi Province, said. Yang Kai, born in Chengguan Town, Dry County in 1976, 15 years old, started to serve in a troops at the age of 18, 31 years old Yigan Yanghong Town Minister of Armed, 35-year-old Deputy Foreign Minister, Town, Town, Town, 39 years, served as deputy secretary of the party committee of Jixian Town, and the official road.

It is in the golden period of this life, but he has been responsible for the implementation of the dangerous house renovation project, and has received a total of 10,000 yuan, and the county discipline committee will be given a second year of second year, and they are sentenced to criminal penalties by the court.

  Since the defense of the defense, Yang Kai has been responsible for the work, Yang Kai is responsible, loyal to the duties, continuously strengthening learning, improving their own literacy, and is deeply received by leadership, comrades support.

In February 2011, he served as deputy mayue of Niko Town. With the increase in position, the daily entertainment increased, from the wine table, the ghost wine, the light of the entertainment venue, from the cigarette liquor gift to the red envelope, Yang Kai’s psychological defense is gradually collapsed, and the door of greed opens step by step.

According to the masses, Yang Kai is a vice town, for people, high-profile, likes to entertainment, love is small and cheap, often like to deal with the so-called "successful people" in society. Comrade Yong said: "Yang Kaiping, I will not accept my comments, I can’t communicate with my colleagues. After get off work, I will not see people." In 2013, Yang Kai was divided into the diverse building of the town, the town The village declared 4 households, and in September 2014, after the acceptance passed, Yang Kai was talking to Du Shenglong, director of the village committee, said: "I have helped your village, the people have made things, you should Please ask me.

Du Shenglong said that there was no problem. After a few days, I took 4,000 yuan in cash on Yang Kai’s desk. Looking at a thick banknote, Yang Kai’s inner heart is full of contradictions: I still don’t accept it? Will violate disciplines, do not accept, it seems a bit unwilling.

In the end, holding luck, Yang Kai put the money into his pocket.

  It will not be able to get a lot of greed, and the flood of the desire cannot be cleaned once.

When receiving the first good fees, Yang Kai’s thoughts have also struggled, and I have worried that it is reported, but things have been asking for a long time. His courage is getting bigger and bigger, in his eyes, the party is equivalent to the fade, and the use of positions will accept a good fee is normal. Once the sweet Yang Kai, the party disciplined the law of the party, and the more excused.

In January 2015, Yang Kai, began to serve as a deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Town. During this period, the town Yangmu Village issued 5 households, and 1 household renovation households. After the acceptance, Yang Kai once again made a good fortune, and he received the 6 households sent by Zheng Mou, director of the village committee, and received 1 household for the Town of the North Yangmu Party Branch Party Directive. . In November 2015, in the renovation of dangerous houses in the village of Nikou Town, Yang Kai directly went to Luo Feng, Luo Wensheng, Wu Huixia, 3,500 yuan. Before the incident, Yang Kai accused, and asked for a total of 10,000 yuan. Once the joy of time, the greed is more expanded, he is immersed in the joy of holding money … The discipline inspection cadres who participated in the survey have a deep quite: Yang Kai’s abuse of power, ignoring discipline, big money transaction, using the position It will make personal gain, especially after the 18th National Congress of the Party, still does not converge, the wind is disciplinary, the heart is lucky, thinking that he has "sky clothes seamless", and the anti-corruption will not be "impossible to go to his head ", However, he ignored a little: If you want to know, unless you are. Like Yang Kai, the power of the power is not in the hands of the people, and it is great to damage the interests of the masses. He will definitely be discovered by the masses. The masses reported on the United States, on April 11, 2016, the Dry County Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report by the masses, reflecting that Yang Kai, deputy secretary of the Town Party Committee, was eaten during the renovation of dangerous houses, requested the Dry County Discipline Inspection. The county discipline committee investigation team found Yang Kai to talk, he not only did not take organizational investigation, but also deliberately delayed, negative confrontation, questioning the comrades of the investigation team, not lying, is silent, showing the attitude of not cooperating.

In the face of the lucky Yang Kai, the main leaders of the Dry County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the discipline review plan for the case.

Considering that the case involves numerous personnel, the amount involved is large, the report clues are more clear, while doing a good job of strict confidential work, solid-core, highly fixed evidence, increase the peripheral breakthrough to the problem clues, and strengthen Yang Kai Policy "attack". Since April 15, the main leaders of the county discipline committee shall supervise them, and Yang Kai has conducted three rounds of conversations. At the same time, there were more than 30 discipline inspection and supervision cadres, and 130 people involved in the village group involved in the village group in Confucius village, Yangmu Village, and the village. The investigation and evidence of 26 people, and the relevant policy provisions of the renovation of rural dangerous houses in Xianyang City and Dan County. The documentation has achieved conclusive evidence. In the face of iron evidence, Yang Kai admitted his mistakes and wrote a confession.

  After the study of the Standing Committee of the Dry County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Yang Kai as a party member, national public officials, in the process of implementing national poverty alleviation policies, and receiving dangerous house renovation households, have violated national laws and regulations. On June 15, 2016, the Standing Committee of the Destiny County Commission for Discipline Inspection and reported to the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, and gave Yang Kai Li’s party to see the second year. On April 14, 2017, Yang Kai was sentenced to criminal penalties by the court. (Edible: Gao Wei, Qinhua).