2021, the employment rate of disabled graduates of Ningxia University reached 91.6%

2021, the employment rate of disabled graduates of Ningxia University reached 91.6%

People’s Network Yinchuan September 17 (梦) On September 17 Experience, 183 employment, the employment rate is%, and the China Disabled Persons’ Association requires no less than 65% of the employment rate.

It is reported that the disabled payment of Ningxia has held the important content of the "one hand" project and "I am doing practical things for the masses" in 2021, holding a special conference research deployment, and adopting Ningxia Disabled Persons Package. The municipal disabilities caught the three-level bag grasp mechanism of the county and county-level dislocation packages, and formed a level of responsibility and grading step by step.

According to the principle of "prematurely, early preparation", the residential banks at all levels took place to visit, telephone communication and convening symposium, etc. All levels of residual issues were specially investigated for 280 disabled graduates. College distribution, professional composition, disability class, grade, urban and rural distribution, employment will, graduation, etc. In order to better promote employment, Ningxia provides at least 3 employment services for each university disabled graduate, providing employment training for training needs, providing employment training for training needs. For employment policies such as "three support", public welfare positions, internships, etc.

In addition, there is also a coordination with large and medium-sized enterprises, developing 487 high-quality jobs, recruiting the recruitment of disabled graduates in colleges and universities, organizing 12 games for online disabled students (times), on-site special job fair (times) , I have achieved personalized employment needs.

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