China Brand’s 66th Macau Granza

China Brand’s 66th Macau Granza

People’s Daily November 17th (Reporter Mao Lei) Macau Sports Year A event Macau is east. There are 6 events in this year, 3 of which is the official International Auto Association World Cup, including the "Macau Grand Television Three-Class Formula – Intl Federation Level 3 Formula World Cup", "Macau GT Cup – International Anti-China Federation GT World Cup "and" Macau Dongwang "- International Galaxy Boat World Cup", and also "Macau Granz Cycling Competition", "Macau Route Cup" and "GT Cup" in Datun District. The famous east is only 7 meters, which contains long straight, high-speed bend, low speed slow bend, and a narrow road section filled with typical characteristics of the street and bumpy roads, which are extractuous.

The 66th Macau Granna Circuit’s various event dragons, exciting, for the fans, tourists have a feast of speed and passion.

After fierce competition, the Macau Route Cup was fiercely competited, from 31 Hong Kong driver Pandjun, No. 63 Hong Kong driver Feng Jiazhu first, two, 26 Macao driver Sova won third place.

Macau Dongwang Yangchalse – International Galaxy Floor World Cup ended November 17th, the first time on behalf of China’s brand, the leadership team of the world’s top events, including three rules, a runner-up, becoming the biggest winner of this site . Throughout the 2019 season, the leadership team is the only team that packs the three championships of the race, and the leader has become the highest level of the world’s RV, the only car brand of the three race championships. After the end of the competition, the leader team received 8 championships, 8 runners, 500-speed army, leading the team stand in 593, and the sword refers to the annual championship. The driver Ivan Mul and Ted, representing the Chinese Brand World Top Events Ivan Muller and Ted, respectively, with 305 points and 288 points of the third and fourth place. Chartered Automotive is a high-end brand of China Geely Automobile Group, which is a joint venture between Geely Automobile and Volvo.

The excellent track performance of the leader team and the leader 03TCR racing, highlights the extraordinary technical attainments and reliable product quality. The catency 03TCR racing is based on the leading CMA foundation module architecture based on the leader in the world, with the global level of motion. Realized the co-competition competition with Audi, Honda, Modern, etc., continuous refreshing self, exploring the ultimate.

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