Nine magic weapons for the health of young white-collar workers

Nine magic weapons for the health of young white-collar workers

Nine magic weapons for the health of young white-collar workers

The pressure of young white-collar workers in modern cities is gradually increasing, and their mental and physical health are seriously threatened. According to the survey, more than half of the population have no regularity and moderation on their diet. It is conceivable that a healthy diet has health benefits for some people.And a huge role.

Faced with the various radiations of the office of the White Collar Office, the dietary standards must be met in order to effectively resist the radiation.

  If the diet is healthy, the human digestive tract can naturally treat the food in the body.

Food fiber can be obtained from healthy fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains; probiotics are extracted from yogurt.

Precipitated fibers accelerate the movement of food inside the series and absorb moisture, especially to prevent constipation.

Here are some of the nine magic weapons that increase the gastrointestinal function of the human body and prevent various radiations.

  Black sesame: increase cellular immunity, anti-radiation Chinese medicine theory believes that black into the kidney, “the kidney main bone rises through the brain”, various radiation hazards mainly affect the human brain and bones, making the human immune system damaged.

Eat more kidney food can enhance the body’s cellular immunity, humoral immune function, and can effectively protect human health.

  Tomatoes: Reduce skin radiation damage, and can eliminate the whitening scientific investigation found that people who regularly consume tomato and tomato products for a long time are less damaged by radiation, and death caused by radiation can also be.

Experiments have shown that the lycopene content in the skin after irradiation is reduced by 31%-46%, and the other components are almost unchanged.

By inhibiting the free radicals of the human body, lycopene forms a natural barrier on the surface of the skin, effectively preventing the external ultraviolet rays and radiation from damaging the skin.

Helps promote the combination of collagen and elastin in the blood, making the skin full of elasticity and charming.

It is particularly worth mentioning that lycopene also has the effect of ecchymosis and sputum pigmentation.

  Seaweed: Anti-radiation holy seaweed can resist radiation, anti-mutation, anti-oxidation, and is associated with selenium.

Selenium is an important trace element that enhances the body’s immune function and protects human health.

Regular consumption of selenium rich in selenium can improve the body’s ability to fight radiation.

  Chili: Protects the DNA of cells from radiation. The spicy food such as pepper is a common seasoning and a natural food that resists radiation.

Eating pepper not only can regulate the body’s immune system, pepper, black pepper, curry, ginger and other spices, but also protect the cell’s DNA from radiation damage.

Therefore, often eat spicy and healthy.

  Green tea: Reduce the adverse effects of radiation on the human body.

Tea also contains lipopolysaccharide, which can improve the body’s hematopoietic function, increase platelets and white blood cells.

  Kelp: It has anti-radiation effects. The latest research found that the kelp extract has multiple anti-radiation effects due to inhibition of immune cells.

  Garlic: Reducing Radiation Damage Garlic is an invaluable condiment in cooking.

Garlic contains selenium oxide, and the antioxidant effect of garlic supplements ginseng.

Therefore, eating some garlic in moderation can help reduce radiation damage.

  Mung Bean: It helps to excrete the poisons in the body and has the saying that “mung bean soup dissolves 100 poisons”.

Modern medical research has proven that mung beans contain substances that help to excrete poisons in the body and accelerate metabolism, and are effective against various pollutions, including electromagnetic pollution.

  Black fungus: clear stomach, polyester sausage, anti-radiation black fungus in the fungus can put the residue in the human digestive system of dust, impurities and absorbent substances, concentrated and excreted, so that the stomach, digestive, anti-proofThe role of radiation.