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2016 snooker British Championship final O’Sullivan vs Selby match video billiards live The 2016 British Championship finals are about to start, against Selby and O’Sullivan.In terms of strength, such a duel has some natural meaning.One is now ranked first in the world, and the other is a recognized snooker ruler.2016斯诺克英锦赛决赛——奥沙利文能否再胜塞尔比  两人的打法很不相同,塞尔比素有磨王的称号,奥沙利文则是华丽进攻型选手的代表,Nonetheless, the two’s promotion paths are somewhat similar.Selby, except for entanglement with Higgins in the quarter-finals to the tiebreaker, other games are smooth and easy to win; O’Sullivan is not to mention, except for the final match with Fu Jiajun, the previousAll the rounds were chopped with melons and vegetables. The first five rounds only lost 5 innings, demonstrating the undisputed absolute strength.  Selby and O’Sullivan played 26 times before. O’Sullivan had 16 wins, 8 losses and 2 draws.There have been three encounters this year, namely the quarter-finals of the Masters, the quarter-finals of the Welsh Open, and the Champions League group…

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