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Berlin Drama Festival canceled and became online due to the epidemic Since the cancellation of the 57th Berlin Theatre Festival, many people have been paying attention to the latest trend of the Theatre Festival.The Organizing Committee of the Berlin Theatre Festival recently released the first online art festival-“Virtual Berlin Art Festival” (Theatertreffen fantasticll) since the establishment of the Theatre Festival through the official website.This time, the Berlin Drama Festival Organizing Committee selected six works from the “Ten Most Remarkable Repertoires” in 2020, which will be performed on the “Berliner Festspiele on demand” platform from May 1-9Play, each piece is kept for 24 hours.After each screening, the participating artists have an online dialogue with the audience to exchange ideas and creativity.It is understood that the six works in the online art festival are all performed in German, and some of the works have English subtitles, in chronological order: production by the…

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