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Lions Gate hosts a live broadcast night, and you need to register for age if you want to watch “Quick Hunt” for free Sauna Night News recently, Lion Gate Pictures announced the “Lion Gate Movie Live Night” event, followed by the next four Friday nights to play its produced films “Obese Games” and “City of Philharmonic” for free”Spicy Dance” and “Quick Pursuit”.Lionsgate said the plan was supported by ticketing site Fandango, the National Association of Cinema Owners and large-scale theater chains AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.The “Liongate Movie Live Night” event is hosted by the former heroine of “Real Lies” and veteran movie star Jamie Lee Curtis. She will share her movie memories with stars and YouTube celebrities.”Chronic Games” will start playing at 6pm EST on Friday (April 17).”Spicy Body Dance” will be broadcast on April 24, “City of Philharmonic” will be broadcast on May 1, and “Hurry” will be broadcast…

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