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C Luo Ranhong’s feeling of pressurization overflowed from words to words and always supported silently After joining Juventus, guest Valen is the first time Ronaldo has set foot on the Spanish stadium.But less than half an hour after the game, Ronaldo was sent off for a controversial red card.Ronaldo is very nervous, but Juventus’s up and down movements will make him feel warm.  After dyeing red, Cristiano Ronaldo felt unacceptable for a moment, and the Portuguese faced Bruce, the referee, that I did nothing (NO HE HECHO NADA).Perhaps it was because of Ronaldo’s overreaction, Bernardski hurried to the Portuguese and continually comforted him that you are number one in the world.This 24-year-old young man gave Ronaldo warmth for the first time.  Before entering the player channel, Ronaldo was suddenly very serious, and he seemed to start crying.Juve Vice Chairman Nedved, now appears in the player channel.Nedved was originally sitting in the stands,…

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