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From pop music to the second dimension, the shadow of the artist is everywhere Answer: Dali.On May 11, 1904, the surrealist artist Dali was born in Spain.Just like his compatriots Gaudi and Picasso, he also had artistic talent as a young man.His father was a legal worker, so his family background was solid, but his father did not encourage him to work in the military arts, but his mother always supported him.But his mother died when Dali was very young, which cast a sad background on his creation.The plains of his native Figueres and the rugged Catalan coast have inspired his original creations, and we can see those weird stones in many of his works.Later, Dali and his wife Gala formed a family in the port of Lligat, and this port appeared in many of his works.Many artists of the same and previous generations, their works are more or less…

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