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“General Principles of Indoor Environment Evaluation for Long-Rent Apartments” was officially launched “Free rental 4.0 “.  Started the “first shot” of industry standardization construction; as expected, the leading rating was recently issued, and the China Standardization Association officially released the “General Principles of Long-Rental Apartment Indoor Environment Evaluation” (standard number: T / CAS 407-2020, referred to as “General Evaluation Principles”).The general rules were jointly prepared and revised by China National Institute of Standardization, China Construction News Agency, National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Building Standards Design Institute, China Quality Certification Center and other professional organizations, and companies such as Zirui, which lasted for 8 months.It will be released after review.  A top representative said that “General Principles of Evaluation” effectively incorporated the gap of standardization construction in the long-term rental industry and was “an important booster to promote the standardized development of the domestic long-term rental industry.”  The…

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