In the second season of "China", poetic images say history

In the second season of "China", poetic images say history

Recently, the large -scale historical and cultural documentary "China" returned to Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV in the second season.

This 2020 annual phenomenon -level documentary continues the high level of the first season. The content shows the changes in China’s ideological source with exquisite narrative, and uses a lively lens language to trace back to the bright Chinese history of the stars, showing the Chinese aesthetic for the whole people to highlight the Chinese aesthetic aesthetic. , Establish a Chinese style and great national style from the world, has different general education significance.

Chinese civilization has a long history.

In the face of the old paper piles of the vast sea of ??smoke, how do you feel the fireworks that pass through thousands of years? In the second season of the documentary "China", the best answer was given.

The second season of "China" continues the narrative context of the first season. From the Tang Dynasty, it has been driving forward. Two great poets Li Bai and Du Fu, Zhao Yan, the emperor of the Song Dynasty who loved art, Kublai Khan, who created the Yuan Dynasty’s unified empire, Kangxi, the young emperor who opened up the prosperous age … Documentary through poetic images and storytelling, let the history of the dust seal the history of the years. The characters are alive, and the feelings of Chinese people’s homeland are becoming clearer.

At the same time, the documentary has established a clear and self -made aesthetic style. The film -level sound and light picture and profound narrative presentation makes the film show a Chinese, subtle and elegant freehand beauty. In the second season, this processing has been upgraded again, and the narrative is more delicate and round. For example, the second season of "China" uses the image of a broken Guandi Temple to echo Guan Hanqing’s dazzling hero dream and powerless reality; use a dull pool water to reveal the emperor’s heart of Ming Jiajing; and in front of a palace wall The opposite officials reflected the difference between Zhang Juzheng and Hairui … There is no obscure words, and "China" leaves a deep -minded and infinite explanation. At the same time, the documentary is also seamlessly connected with a lot of modern concepts, such as "Song Dynasty food delivery service" and "the first experience in the sea in history". These interesting perspectives make history full of contemporary experience. The main creator also arranged a puppy called "Beibei" to run through two seasons and shuttles in the long history of thousands of years. It uses its eyes to observe history, leaving a deep impression on people. In this mirror of history, there were extremely similar mirror inheritance in the past and now. The documentary "China", which lasted seven years, is using its unique creative style to talk about history, using a new way to open Chinese history and open Chinese civilization. Innovation attempt.