Stick to such a walking every day, after the launch, lose weight and get involved, look early and good

Stick to such a walking every day, after the launch, lose weight and get involved, look early and good

Stick to such a “walking” every day, after the launch, lose weight and get involved, look early and good

Race walking is an effective aerobic cellulite exercise that strengthens the slender muscles, tightens the leg lines, makes the body more beautiful, can speed up the reversal of the reversal of the road to prevent constipation, and can accelerate the blood circulation of the pelvis to prevent some people.The occurrence of gynecological diseases.

Walking is a more effective way than walking, and it is safer than jogging.

Today, this sport is increasingly favored by urban office workers.

Perfect and easy to wear, it is not easy to be injured. Walking with a certain rhythm will make people realize the rhythm of life, the ease of life, and the benefits of walking. Especially for the elderly, it is very suitable for this intensity.Aerobic exercise.

Running, which has always been favored by fitness people, has great potential for exercise in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but now the country’s movements tend to race away. This is because people have found continuous vibrations during running, on the kidneys, pelvis and spine.The Ministry has an influence, and the walk is just a fast pace, and it is strong to lean forward. Therefore, the most alternative is easy, and it is not easy to accident. It is called “no injury” and it is also a popular fitness exercise.
Excessive consumption is suitable for weight loss. In the race, the muscles of the legs are fully exercised and strengthened. The muscles of the whole body are almost always active, which is more than the calories consumed by long-distance running. It is an ideal weight-loss exercise.

In the race, it is necessary to vigorously swing, so that the abdomen, buttocks, cheekbones, muscles exercise, and thus exercise is more convenient for middle-aged and infirm people.

Compared to other sports, walking is a more adaptable item because it can gradually accelerate from the slow start.

Race walking can also improve the symptoms of women’s menopausal syndrome and eliminate menstrual relief and edema in women.

Pregnant women can also exercise on their own, which can alleviate physical discomfort caused by pregnancy.

The study found that, while maintaining the same speed, walking has to consume 20% more calories than ordinary walking. If it is converted, the conversion of consumption can reach 46%, effectively consuming excess fat in the waist, abdomen and head.To achieve the purpose of weight loss is also a good way to prevent and treat frozen shoulder.

In order to achieve a better exercise effect, aerobic exercise is generally not less than 30 minutes per exercise time.

There are skills in the race. According to the regulations, there must be no running or jumping when walking. The front foot is stable, the hind foot can leave the ground, the heel toe alternately touches the ground, and the leg muscles can be fully exercised. The soles of the feet should be light, and the weight will lead to severe bone.Injury; the body should be straight, and the two arms should be swung to a horizontal position to ensure the balance of the body and the forward momentum. The two sides should also move rhythmically to speed up.

Obviously, when you are going uphill, it is the best time to exercise your thigh muscles. You should fully adjust your pace. When you are downhill, do not hinder the pace and make the calf muscles tighten more quickly.