New Year’s health begins in spring, recommending the Spring Health Recipes

New Year’s health begins in spring, recommending the Spring Health Recipes

New Year’s health begins in spring, recommending the Spring Health Recipes

Lichun is the first of the twenty-four solar terms, also known as “playing spring”, “biting spring” and “reporting spring”.

“Li” is the meaning of “beginning”. China takes Lichun as the beginning of spring.

The so-called “one year is in the spring”, China has attached great importance to the official to the private sector. The Spring Festival has a history of more than 3,000 years.

When the liver is prosperous in the spring, the liver qi stagnation affects the spleen, so the spleen and stomach weakness complications are prone to occur in spring. At the same time, chronic gastritis and digestive tract ulcers are more likely to occur.

Spring diet should be light and delicious, avoid greasy and spicy, should choose some liver, liver, spleen, qi food and medicine.

Should eat more cabbage, green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cabbage and other fresh vegetables and citrus, lemon and other fruits.

Drink plenty of water to prevent toxins from damaging the liver.

Drinking more water can also enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, and reduce liver damage caused by metabolites and toxins.

Eat light, don’t overeat dry, spicy food.

At the same time, because the yang rise is easy to hurt the yin at this time, so pay special attention to nourishing yin, you can choose more lily, yam, lotus seeds, medlar and other foods.

In accordance with the changing climate of Lichun, diet should not be excessively hot, reduce spicy, fried, barbecue and other irritating foods, you can eat more ginger, medlar, yam and protein-added beans to help promote immune regulation.

1, multicolored spring cake material one (powder material): about 180 grams of boiling water, 250 grams of flour, salt amount, vegetable oil amount of material two (composition materials): 100 grams of green bean sprouts, 1/2 carrots, black fungus 2, the right amount of sugar, sweet noodles in the right amount: 1, flour, salt in the basin, slowly pour boiling water (must be just hot water, each part must be hot), quickly stir into a floc with chopsticks.
When the dough temperature is slightly lower, change the kneading dough, knead the dough evenly and smoothly, cover with a damp cloth, and let stand for more than 20 minutes.

2. Roll the awake dough into a strip and add 12 equal portions.

Put some oil on your hands, roll the dough one by one, flatten it, and apply some oil to the two intermediate doughs.

3, the pan is hot, do not need to put oil, put the cake on the small and medium fire, burn to the color to turn over, then brand it and see the middle drum up (the dough is already half cooked, so it is good to brand it)It’s not good to burn it if it’s too hard to get too hard.)

4, to prepare fried dishes, mung bean sprouts washed and drained for use.

Carrots, black fungus washed and cut into silk.

5, put the oil in the hot pot, first add the carrot and stir fry, then add the green bean sprouts, stir the fungus, sprinkle with salt, stir fry the sugar evenly, stir fry for a few seconds and immediately pop it out.

6, the pizza is smeared with the top and bottom sweet sauce, put the fried dish, you can eat it.

2, yam millet porridge materials: 200 grams of yam, millet 100 grams, 枸杞 15 grams, ginger, salt amount.

Practice: Wash the yam, peel and cut into pieces.

The millet is soaked for half an hour, then boiled in a pot, change to a small fire, add 枸杞, yam and boil for 30 minutes.

Finally add some ginger and salt to taste.

Efficacy: nourishing kidney and benefiting the liver, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

枸杞 Live the liver, millet spleen, yam spleen and kidney, add ginger onions to enhance the power of the sun.

3, bean sprouts mixed with mushrooms: 100 grams of bean sprouts, 80 grams of mushrooms, coriander, salt, sesame oil, the right amount.

Practice: Wash the ingredients, the bean sprouts are slightly simmered, the mushrooms are cooked, sliced, placed in a dish, add coriander, salt, sesame oil and mix well.

Efficacy: Shugan and stomach, Fuzheng tonic.

The bean sprouts heat and dehumidify, soothing the liver and stomach.

Mushrooms help the positive and qi, appetizers, and the coriander takes its divergence and rises.

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