Chen Sailon: Building an autonomous controlled, high performance and easy-to-expand calculation system

Chen Sailon: Building an autonomous controlled, high performance and easy-to-expand calculation system

Chen Sanlun, general manager of Guangdong Telecom Enterprise Informatization Division, in publication, said that China Telecom Group proposed "Cloud Reform" strategy this year, which is designed to strengthen our integrated intelligent information service capacity to provide better Products and services continue to create greater value. Among them, intermediate connection and calculation are important core capabilities of China Telecom.

"We are in the development of Guangdong Telecom’s strategy to build an autonomous controllable, high-performance and easy-to-expansion computing system." Chen Sanlun introduced that this calculation system will fully consider the trend of technology development, network security, Business development and market needs, etc., is an architecture covering from the underlying hardware, IAAS, PaaS, SaaS to intelligent information applications and end-to-end. Chen Sanlun pointed out that Yu Peng is a leader in China. Guangdong Telecom is also an exploration of Pi Peng applications. In the pre-pilot, Guangdong Telecom has developed the system’s deployment plan, which is used to verify the ability of Zeng Peng. Huawei Company has created a joint open laboratory to carry this ecology.

He pointed out that ecological pilots have achieved some good results and experience, mainly in two aspects: First, verify the high performance and high reliability of the Songpeng server. The Hope server should be said to meet the requirements of various application scenarios in the future, which should be satisfied with the requirements of various application scenarios, which should be a foundation.

Second, through this pilot, a batch of ecological partners quickly aggregated, laying a foundation for the future of Guangdong Telecom computing strategy. "From a long-term development, our overall capacity should have to persist in developing autonomous control, and continue to continue to do strong.

"Chen Sanlun said that the next step in Guangdong Telecom will plan to build a new domestic plane, mainly divided into three stages: First, actively explore, accumulate capacity, put our basic, platform-style cooperation model, can do well in this stage , Lay a solid foundation.

The second is to form mutual promotion between scale and ecology, create a rich application, to achieve full scene, full-ecological coverage.

The third is to form a lead in calculating services, focusing on 5G, industrial Internet, and clouds.

"The ecological construction is not a good thing, but has a long process.

The Guangdong Telecom industry hopes to work together with each ecological partner, focusing on three requirements of safe reliability, applying rich, sustainable development, and jointly promoting the development of domestic computing industries in terms of standard, application, intelligent network, and prosperous ecology.

"Chen Sanlun said. (Editor: Xuvina, Xia Xiaolun) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.