Chen Yinqin: Creation of the era of creative, good, Shanxi story

Chen Yinqin: Creation of the era of creative, good, Shanxi story

  "Let the traditional culture bloom the light of the new era, which is the responsibility of each of our contemporary literary workers." The Provincial People’s Congress represents the words of Chen Yueqin. She is the director of Jincheng’s party scorpion training office, from the art of 30 years, and has a great influence in the drama world. She "Tai Shu Niang" has been written into the government’s work report as a master of the government, let her feel a heavy historical mission and responsibility. Chen Yinqin said that traditional culture, especially traditional drama, want to continue to bloom, and must continue to go deep into the masses, in-depth life, put the creation angle in the mass life, put in our era.

"The traditional classic repertoire is better, the era of singing, the new drama of the song life is also can’t stop." Chen Yinqin said.

In recent years, Chen Yinqin’s new drama creation has never stopped, "Xigou daughter" "Tai Shou Daughter" and other new dramas have moved to the stage, and they are widely recognized by the masses of the majority.

  Art comes from the people and serves the people at the same time. Over the years, Chen Yinqin has performed daily performances, and most of the efforts have been in-depth grassroots, and the footprints are all over the world of Jincheng.

She said that it is more tired than performing more than the performance of the scene, but it is the best channel for serving the grassroots masses. Every year, the annual sending trend is deeply loved and welcomed by the masses. He listened to this year’s play. I can’t wait to take it down next year.

  "As a specific implementor who is going to the countryside, I agree with the continued sent to the Township mentioned in the report.

"Chen Yinqin said that the recommendation of her this year is the establishment of the provincial art fund, etc., the inheritance and continuation of traditional cultural industries. It needs to pass policy and funding, and encourages the majority of literary and art workers to be a good lead. In-depth grassroots, in-depth in the masses, and also have to integrate with the tourism industry, create more era boutiques, let the tourism industry have culture, let the traditional culture more relying, promoting the spirit of Shanxi, talking about the Shanxi story, and the strongest sound of the times.

(Reporter Shang Hui Hui correspondent Li Guangyi).