City of Ordos: New Energy Industry ushered in the spring -Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

City of Ordos: New Energy Industry ushered in the spring -Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily’s spring tide is high, spring thunder urges anxiety.In April, Ordos, the spring light is unlimited.From a few words of the Yellow River to Kukuki, desert, from each company to the industrial parks, the endless sound is bright, the running steps are stunned, a group of new energy projects and good projects are accelerating to the ground to help the industrial economy running"Acceleration".

  This is the initiative of Ordos City’s focus on stabilizing coal production, focusing on optimizing the supply of new energy, and focusing on promoting green transformation. "The" pioneer "in advance.

  Grasp the "time" and "potential", take "green" as the main, set off to "new", Ordos controls the wind and go up, chase all the way, surpass all the way. As the national modern coal chemical industry demonstration zone and the first batch of national industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones, Ordos City revolves around "double carbon" for the new energy industry to "open territory", and the national strategy of the Yellow River Basin ecology and high -quality development of the national strategy is brought about. The development opportunities, focus on optimizing the supply of new energy, do a good job of the development of the development of the new energy industry, lead the industrial transformation as the lead, continue to do a good job of "chain", introduce a batch of base -type and large -scale green industrial chain projects, and focus on promoting new new new industries. Development of the entire industry chain. At the same time, focus on promoting green transformation, adhere to carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion, and growth coordinated advancement, lead the transformation of energy structure to drive the transformation of the industrial structure and the transformation of economic structure, accelerate the change of the "four or four less" status of industrial development, and grow 100 billion yuan, hundreds of billions of effective investment, 100 billion yuan flag districts, and 100 billion -dollar output value parks develop the "new" advantage, inject the "new" driving force, and build a national modern energy industry base. New energy projects bloom everywhere. Ordos is more than one time for a while. Instead, early deployment, early arrangement, early action, "combination boxing", "a plate of chess", insist on escorting enterprises with policies, helping to develop by service, and scientific and technological funds with science and technology. Can be used to warm merchants with the environment, continuously excellent environment, efficiency capacity, strong services, open up the "intestinal obstruction" of attracting investment, press the service guarantee "shortcut keys", be a good business environment "shop primary two", and give the whole process of new energy projects. can.

  ——Setore to adhere to business and supermarkets.

Focusing on the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal, the "Several Policies to Support Industrial Cluster Development", "Guiding Opinions for State -owned Capital Supporting the Landscape and Hydrogen Storage Industry", "Accelerating Several Measures of the Preliminary Procedures for Major Projects" A series of policies such as the business environment action plan (500 articles) ", implement minimalist approval, excellent services, extremely accurate supervision, and benefit support, and make every effort to build a high -quality business environment of marketization, rule of law, and internationalization. I have introduced 9 industrial chains, including the development of the new energy heavy truck industry chain, the green hydrogen hydrogen industry chain, and the fine chemical industry chain. Carry out accurate investment in the industrial chain, and strive to build a group of specialized new "little giants" enterprises. ——Chisatta in affairs and services.

In the country, it is the first to realize the "no meeting" bidding, and the total cost of more than 50,000 market entities will save more than 200 million yuan in transaction costs; the entire process of 52 major projects will be held on behalf of the process, and the fastest will be completed as soon as 45 days. Comprehensively optimize project investment services, build real -time dispatching platforms, green low -carbon development digital platforms, and business environment work task dispatch platforms, and implement dynamic tracking and accurate scheduling on project investment. Promote the leadership of major projects, the preliminary procedures, Baolian Federation, and the centralized linkage approval of major projects, carry out front -style services, integrated services and full -cycle services, promote the implementation of "standard" reform, "regional evaluation" in the park, comprehensively improve approval approval Efficiency, implement "construction is to start", and help the project construction to achieve "opening the door". ——Card the attracting investment and attracting wisdom.

The new policy of new talent was introduced, and 30 science and technology were issued, and 3 billion yuan of science and technology innovation funds were established. Establish a carbon neutral research institute to promote the construction of Peking University -Ordos Carbon China and United Laboratory, and carry out the "Research on the Selection of Green Low Carbon Transformation and" Double Carbon "development path and key technology in Ordos Nine research topics, including potential research, provide technical leadership, intellectual support and industrial demonstration for the city’s new energy industry. … warm the enterprise with "excellent", excellent. The top -level design landing blossoms, the policy dividend is fully released, the talent magnetic field effect is prominent. Of course, Ordos with "heart" is of course more "new" -s at the signing conference of the spring investment promotion project, the city’s signing projects have signed a total of 161, and the total investment of the agreement exceeds 300 billion Yuan; In 2022, the plan was planned to implement 442 key projects, and the investment of 92.8 billion yuan was completed that year. At present, 350 re -work has been opened, with a re -work rate%, and invested 20 billion yuan. Regardless of the "project library" of China Merchants or the "project list" that landed on the ground, the new energy project occupies a "eye -catching" area.

In 2022, the city made full use of the vast desert, desert, and coal mining area, and made every effort to promote the large -scale and high -scale development and utilization of new energy and high -scale, such as wind power and photovoltaic, and implemented 65 new energy power generation projects, with a total scale of 7.26 million kilowatts, of which 5.03 million photovoltaic photovoltaics were 5.03 million. CM, wind power 2.23 million kilowatts, planned to be connected by 4 million kilowatts at the end of the year.

Promote the development of landscape resources, the extension of the industrial chain, and the use of scene use, and make every effort to create the four major industrial clusters of the "landscape hydrogen storage", keep an eye on the target of more than 40%of the investment in manufacturing, implement 100 manufacturing projects, and plan to complete the investment. 22.3 billion yuan.

Promote the construction of a number of major projects such as modern energy equipment manufacturing, Longji Green Energy Battery Factory, Shangqi Red Rock New Energy Heavy Card, GCL Green Hydrogen Equipment Smart Factory. The construction progress of the project is to build a national modern energy industry base.

  Starting from this spring, the schedule of Ordos will have a return period.

By the end of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan", the "upgraded version" of Ordos’s industrial economy with the new energy industry as the "core code" will be newly "launched". At that time, the city’s new energy installation can exceed 50 million kilowatts and build an important national green energy supply base. (Reporter Wang Yuzhu Correspondent Zhang Xiaoyan).