Hot summer expert reminder

Hot summer expert reminder

Hot summer expert reminder

Reminder 1: It is necessary to prevent trauma in the hot summer days. When the air conditioner is sick, Arong drives a car on the inner ring a few days ago. When he sees a broken motorcycle in front of him, he does not hit a place. After vigorously pressing the speaker,Accelerated overtaking, and an overtaking almost hit the big truck in front, scared him out of a cold sweat!

  The peak stayed in the air-conditioned office. At night, he drove a strong fan all night. After a few days, he felt backache. After that, he tried to reduce the use of air conditioners. He did not need a fan at night and slowly improved.

  Professor Xu Xuemeng, director of the Department of Orthopaedics of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that traffic accidents have increased recently because of the increase in neck, shoulder and waist discomfort caused by air conditioners or fans.

Guangzhou has entered the “flowing fire” season, high temperature, sultry weather, people are often affected by the weather, become irritated, greedy beer and even drink more wine, small disputes lead to more fights, and traffic accidents caused by drunk driving.

He reminded people to try to drink less and pay attention to controlling emotions.

When using air conditioners and fans, carefully protect the neck, shoulders, waist and other parts.

  In addition, pay attention to sitting posture, sleeping position, do not often read in bed, watch TV, prevent cervical spondylosis.

  Links: Professor Xu Xuemeng / Chief Physician, Department of Orthopaedics, Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Bone and Joint Key Science, National Leader of the Second Group of Bone Injuries, Medical Inheritor, Deputy Director of the Provincial Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traumatology, Reminder 2: Do not use hormonal creamZhang is working in the company, often wearing a pair of tight shoes to enter the office.

Winter is ok, summer is hot, his feet often sweat, because the foot odor is not afraid to take off his shoes and socks, after a few days, the feet begin to itchy, red and swollen.

He used hot water to scald his feet and bought a cream to coat himself.

The next day, not only did not see well, but it was more itchy, and the affected area also expanded.

When I went to the hospital to see a doctor, I realized that I had an ankle. Because I used a hormone-containing ointment to treat my foot, my condition worsened.

  Professor Zhou Yinong, director of the dermatology department of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province, told him that patients with skin squamous disease could not use hormonal plaster.

According to the prescription prescribed by the doctor, the powder is used to keep the affected area dry during the day and the plaster is used at night. The combination of the two will not itch any more in three days.

Professor Zhou Yinong reminded that the treatment of dermatophytosis can not stop the drug at will. If the affected part does not itch, it must continue to rub the drug for a week. It is best to do anatomical examination and culture. It is a negative for three weeks.

Otherwise, premature withdrawal will result in weight loss and later treatment is more difficult.

Summer is the most common season for this type of disease. The prevention method is to keep the skin dry.

Usually, you should wear air-ventilated shoes, avoid wearing rubber shoes or air-tight shoes, it is best to have two pairs to wear, sandals are the best choice.

In addition, do not use hot water to burn, otherwise it will increase the ankle due to stimulation.

  Link: Zhou Yinong, deputy director of the Provincial Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the Department of Dermatology, Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine reminder 3: prevent strokes: reasonable diet + heatstroke and cool down the day before the son married in the restaurant, Liu Lao was happy, forgot his own stroke,Eat too much high-fat, steamed food, I feel angry after the feast, sleep at night is very poor, blood pressure is raised.

The doctor reminded him that he should drink plenty of water in summer and eat less fatty foods because of the high viscosity of high-fat foods, which leads to slow blood flow.

In addition, because summer sweating, pay attention to temperature and heatstroke prevention, avoid doing exercise, work and rest, keep blood pressure stable.

Stroke is mainly based on prevention.

  For patients with stroke, if you are in bed, do not wear too much clothes, keep your body fresh, and often turn the patient to prevent damage to the sores.

Patients who can walk, do not expose to the sun, sweat more blood thick and thick, easy to recurrent stroke; moderate exercise is still necessary, but choose a cool sort in the morning or evening, not too tired.

  In addition, the room should be kept ventilated and cool to make the body feel comfortable.