Physical characteristics reveal seven criteria for men’s sexual ability

Physical characteristics reveal seven criteria for men’s sexual ability

Physical characteristics reveal seven criteria for men’s sexual ability

They all say that “a man is an animal that thinks in the lower body.” Although this sentence is exaggerated, the evidence proves how important “sex” is to men. If a man is so aware of sex, he will have more sexual ability.Care, then, can some aspects prove the man’s sexual ability?

1, height Some people mistakenly believe that the height of the penis must be long, sexual function is also better.

In fact, the size of the penis is related to height, but not absolute.

A group of studies have shown that those with a height below 3875px have an average length of 185px and a circumference of 202.

5px; height 156?
For 3975px, the length and perimeter are 185px and 207, respectively.

50000000000003px; height 4250px, respectively, 187.

5px and 217.


From this point of view, the height of the person can affect the size of the penis, but the impact is not large, the difference is not disparity.

2, waist circumference Harvard University School of Public Health researchers said that according to a study of 2000 samples, drinking, exercise habits and body shape, are related to male sexual dysfunction.

Further, people who are too fat (waist circumference is too thick), who drink too much and do not drink at all, and those who live more statically than exercise, are usually also in groups with poor sexual ability.

These factors are very similar to cardiovascular factors. People who are prone to arteriosclerosis are often overweight, hypertensive in the body, and blood is full of obstructive factors that prevent blood from returning to the blood (hypercholesterolemia). Similarly, these bloodAlso can not get to the corpus cavernosum.

3, the nose from the aspect of the face, the nose grows a bit like a boy’s “little brother.”

Further statistics show that men with large noses are also large in external genitalia, with abundant metabolism and superior sexual ability.

4, eye bags In general, the eye bags are tight, and the color is moist, it shows excellent sexual ability.

If the eyes are slack, drooping, and the man with dark colors, most of them are “outside strong and dry”.

5, the front teeth Chinese medicine believes that the teeth are the mainstay of the kidney, when the front teeth are neat and bright, the joint body will be healthy and bloody; on the contrary, the bloody and weak man’s sexual ability is of course not good.

6, the bones of the main bone of the bones, therefore, the bones are thick, most of the sexual function is good; and the bones are weak, clenched a soft body, most of the sexual function is not much better.

7, finger small finger thick, its humanity is good, you can refer to.

In addition, culture and ethnicity should also be considered.

The former is related to the amount of sexual knowledge, and the annex is related to heredity.