Comprehensively strengthen cadre style construction to adhere to the "four hearts" to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality

Comprehensively strengthen cadre style construction to adhere to the "four hearts" to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality

Good political ecology is the fundamental requirement of hospitals to maintain healthy development, and the change in cadres and strikes is an urgent need for hospitals to achieve high quality development. Southwest Medical University Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University focuses on the development of the hospital development, actively explores and solves the outstanding problems in the style of hospital cadres.

From paying close attention to learning education, in-depth investigation, improve supervision mechanism, improve the quality of service quality, and resolutely eliminate and oppose the formalism, bureaucracy, pay close attention to change, and form a good work atmosphere of the whole hospital, "a plate of chess", cadres The problem has been significantly improved, and the innovation and effectiveness of the construction of the style have also been further improved.

Pay close attention to learning education and turn our minds. Vigorously strengthen ideal beliefs, party spiritual cultivation, professional dedication, etc., organize the cadres and central groups, online thinking, "anti-corruption propaganda education moon" activities, watch warning educational film and other activities. Adhere to the "Going out" and "Please come in", take personal self-study, centralized training, job practice, handling exercise, learning assessment, etc. Relying on the cadres of the Provincial Health and Health and School Regular Organizations, more than 3,000 people training in the whole year, and do the full coverage of cadre training, and there is no dead angle.

Go deep into the first-line research and solve the outstanding problems. Deepen the special actions of "going to the grassroots, transfer functions, change style", led the 7th hospital leadership group to lead the all-in-hospital research department to carry out on-site research, listen to all the staff of the department to the hospital, medical, teaching, scientific research, Opinions and recommendations in management, more than 200 issues in time, formulate detailed supervision programs, and require the communication and interpretation of the responsible cadres to do well and interpretation of the clinical medical department, ensuring that the tasks are implemented. Strictly implement cadres and talk, clean government talk system, timely master the ideological dynamics, work conditions, party style and honest government, family situation, help cadres to prevent micro-dollar, solve problems, and constantly enhance the cohesiveness of the organization and combat power. In addition to the line, the hospital collects employee advice through the platform of OA, Chang Foreury Party, the official website mailbox, listening to the heart of the people, and solves the suffering of the masses. Improve the supervision mechanism and determined to pay attention to the accountability.

Strict "responsibility system + list system", establish "Notification System + Accountability", further deepen the formalism, bureaucracy highlighting, and strict work to implement accountability. Serious cadres and conferences, strengthen the supervision and notification of participants in the annual cadres, training situation, and penalties for violations of cadres and deduct half of the performance. Seriously, the party members, the party branch, the party members, cadre assessment, etc., requires leading cadres at all levels to participate in party regulations, controlling the important parties and departmental work plans for the annual party and government work, and organizes convened Cadre of the whole hospital. Strengthen the supervision of cadres’ life style, and serious accountability of violations of violations of violations such as life style, compress real responsibility chains, and promote the cadre style. Improve the quality of service and do your best.

Launch "Double Service, Double Increase" action, "dual service, double promotion" action, the function of clinical, clinical service patients, improve patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction, " , The logistics department on-site service, etc. The evaluation results of the department medical ethics and the evaluation, the diligent integrity, and the assessment of satisfaction with the cadre assessment, and the cadres who are not up to standard and rely on and the deduction performance. The hospital changes the patient’s medical practice through comprehensive promotion of reservation services, daytime services, Internet hospital services, outpatient diagnosis and treatment, and improves the medical experience.

2020 patient patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction were significantly improved. Grab the iron, stepping on stone, keeping a truth, long time is success.

The medical technology of the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University is increasing, and the high-quality papers are growing. Patient satisfaction provinces, the general rules development date, and the domestic comprehensive ranking has climbed, these results are inseparable from one "dry".

Just practice the spirit of "Shande refinement to the pursuit of excellence", it will be able to promote the connotation of the hospital in the hospital, and will be able to achieve the establishment of regional medical centers as soon as possible. Answer. (The author is Xu Yong, Party Secretary of the Party Committee of Southwest Medical University.